Where do I start?
Well, When I was born...

When I was born, in the great and majestic mountains of Tuholok, a very unique and magical phenomenon occurred; It was foretold that it only happened once in a million years, when a gifted child is born. Unfortunately, that gifted child was my neighbor who was also born on the same day. Jokes and stories aside, I'm a normal (somewhat creative) guy who has a strong knack for electrical & mechanical gadgets (Robots!) and a love for outer space and space exploration. Growing up, I always wondered how things were made from radios to microwaves, which resulted in almost every object in my house taken apart and (and some) put back together... most of the time without the slightest clue of how it works. As I got older I got introduced to the all famous "Interwebs" and online tutorials which helped in the advancement of my knowledge of how things worked and their creation. Anyways, without me blabbing too much, I've listed some of my creations below. Check them out!


NASA SpaceApps Challenge - Serenity VR

Won 1st place (Best use of hardware) in Waterloo's regional SpaceApps Hackathon and became a Global Nominee. SerenityVR was created to take the astronaut away from the confined spaces that they're faced with everyday as part of space travel. Spaceflight is known to create both physical and psychological damages to the body. With SerenityVR, we are aiming to reduce these damages through Earth-like sensory + physical activities. Project's website can be found here. Check out the code here. Here's a short video as well!

Unibo One-Wheeled Self Balancing Vehicle

Invented and led project in the design and build of a one wheeled self-balancing vehicle for Capstone. This project utilized control theory in the design of lateral and longitudinal balancing systems for a one wheeled board. Team consisted of 6 members from different faculties to accomplish this task. Check out my code here.

PID Controller for aircraft (Navion)

Group won 3rd place in a class wide project competition. The main objective of this project was the development of a controller for an aircraft autopilot system. This includes the detailing, design, analysis, and simulation of the system through MatLab's Simulink.

Windsor Engineering Competition - Impact Structure

Group won 1st Place. Went on to Province Wide Competition. In this competition, engineering students are faced with several real world engineering problems that range from bridge construction, displacement of fluids under certain conditions, to the design and building of a front-end vehicle impact system. Students are then forced to use engineering concepts to build devices that would incorporate solutions.

Self-Charging Heating Insoles

A product had to be invented that could be applied to a real world market. Kinetic Rechargeable Heating Insoles were invented in this project. Parts of this project included finding the market, feasibility, each machining / manufacturing process, bill of material (BOM), floor plan, business plan, and overall company structure.

Quick Coffee Portable coffee maker

Team won Viewers Choice Award in the BlueSky Competition. Quick Coffee is a portable electric hot drink maker that can produce a hot beverage within minutes. It will provide coffee or any other hot beverage to go as long as water and coffee/pods pods are available. Check out the news page here. And our youtube here.

FIRST Robotics Competition

Won Outstanding Contribution Award. In this project, several components such as gears, motors, servos and several other devices were used to build a remote controlled robot. This robot was programmed to compete in a country wide competition involving different obstacles. A plaque was received for extraordinary work.

Mechatronics Autonomus Track Race

Tied 1st Place in a class wide competition. This project required the design and build of an autonomus vehicle programmed with PBASIC on a STAMP BS2.

Innovation Design Project

In this project, an innovative/ cheap/ green trashcan had to be designed. This project included designing each component and their manufacturing system as well as their impact on different markets as well as the environment.

Dynamics Catapult Project

This project required the design and construction of a catapult that would be able to shoot a rubber ball to certain distances. It was solely built out of glue, string and Popsicle sticks. The Objective of this project was to apply the concept of projectile motion to a real life application.

Humanoid Robotics Race

The construct of this competition was to build a humanoid robot out of different parts using an echolocation device, color recognition device, touch sensor and servos. This robot was then programmed and later used in a campus wide competition.

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